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Avista CARES Utility Assistance Program

Avista CARES Assistance Guidelines

This year, SAN will be assisting Avista customers who are struggling with their home energy costs due

to a temporary crisis or recent extenuating circumstance.


Avista CARES Program Eligibility Guidelines

SAN shall award CARES Donations Funds only to Avista customers who are experiencing a crisis or

extenuating circumstance, and for whom a grant award will help alleviate further burden on the


a. A recipient must be an Avista electric and/or natural gas customer who resides in the state of


b. As a general rule, Awards may not exceed $300; Additionally, Agencies have discretion in

unique situations to increase an award.

c. Agencies shall make Funds available only to those households who have attempted to maintain

a good payment history and have exhausted all other available energy assistance resources.

d. The CARES Donation Program is intended to assist households through an immediate situation

and should be awarded to households only once a year.

e. Recipients do not have to meet Federal Poverty Income Levels to qualify.

f. A Disconnect Notice is not required to qualify for an Award.

g. For any exceptions to the guidelines, please contact a CARES representative.


Key Notes:

"Good payment history" means the Recipient has made a good effort to make payment or work with Avista

regarding their situation.

"Exhausting all other energy assistance" means the Recipient either does not qualify for energy assistance or their

situation still exists despite having already received some form of energy assistance.

"Extenuating circumstances" mean Recipients with a recent:

- Medical crisis (large medical bills, terminally ill, car accident, or medical emergency)

- Family crisis (home fire, death in family, domestic violence)

- Household financial crisis (recent job loss with no compensation, divorce)


To Apply:

Call/text SAN at 509-844-1758 or email at for application & to be considered for assistance. A written authorization for the release of account information must be obtained from the Avista account holder to process assistance requests.

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