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The SAN Mission:

To empower people at risk of, or affected by, HIV/AIDS through education, outreach and advocacy

SAN, formerly known as The Spokane AIDS Network, was established in 1985 as an informal network of friends, medical caregivers, and concerned citizens to coordinate services for people living with HIV and AIDS in the Spokane area.

Due to a change in funding, SAN closed its direct HIV prevention and cares services in 2017, ultimately transferring clients to the Spokane Regional Health District. Despite this challenge, the Board of Directors voted to maintain the organization’s non-profit status in order to continue its important work of raising awareness of the impact of HIV and AIDS in Spokane. In close partnership with community stakeholders, SAN also continues to serve as a bridge for resources for people living with and impacted by HIV and AIDS.

Today, SAN remains focused on maintaining the organization’s legacy by remaining a visible partner to raise awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS in Spokane. SAN also works in close partnership with community stakeholders to serve as a bridge for resources for people living with and impacted by HIV and AIDS.



Executive Director

In September 2019 the SAN Board of Directors named Grant Ogren, former Board Chair, as the organization’s first Executive Director since 2017.


The organization will focus on creating more opportunities for events and safe spaces for people impacted by HIV/AIDS to gather, build community, raise awareness and fight stigma in Spokane.

Outreach Director

Rhea studied Creative Writing in Santa Fe, NM because they wanted to be an author. Life, however, set them on a different path. That path brought them to Spokane after becoming HIV+.  They started their journey of healing at a program called INMx, an HIV prevention model for gay/bisexual men where they were able to tell their story and develop the social support they didn’t know they needed. After years of volunteering, I was given the opportunity to work for SAN as an HIV/STI prevention specialist and now as the Outreach Director. 


When they are not working, they are either playing video games, or working on writing their first novel. Rhea spends a lot of time reading and crocheting, as well. They are a mixed bag of interests.

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Peer Navigator

Tamara is a 50 yo single mother of five with work experience in retail management.  Tamara has completed business management courses and holds a Home Daycare license and has extensive training in early childhood education. Tamara had completed all her prerequisites for a R.N. degree right before becoming disabled in 2009. Tamara started in substance abuse recovery in 1995, attending AA meetings and doing a few rounds through treatment centers. She was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2006 and was diagnosed HIV positive in February 2021. In 2022, she moved to Spokane and started to attend peer support and community events offered at SAN. She began to volunteer for SAN in 2023, then began work with SAN as a Peer Navigator in 2024. Facing my problems and fears head on with the support I found through my peers and staff at SAN have provided me with the strength to continue on my journey.



Volunteers of America
Spokane Regional Health District


Vice President



Spokane AIDS Network volunteer



Boise Cascade

Board Member

Community Member


Board Member

Board Member


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Board Member

Odyssey Youth Movement

Board President Emeritus

Funders Concerned About AIDS

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