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SAN provides our SAN Pantry twice a month during the winter months.  We do recognize that you may need accesss to food during our off times.  Please see the list below.  We will updated this list as often as possible.  

Farmers to Families

They are currently on a pause to figure out how to spend extra money they have received. Yay! But they plan to start again next week. This might change but their boxes have contained potatoes, apples, pears, dairy, and chicken. Nice. Reservation requested 24 hours in advance. They were doing various days and locations so check the website. Curbside service.


Women and Children’s Free Restaurant

They hand out boxes (curbside service) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The boxes contain canned food, fresh fruit, bread and also a ready to eat meal prepared by their chef. We had their Chicken Cacciatore and it was delicious! Enough for both of us.The only requirement is there must be a female present in the car. No reservation needed.


2nd Harvest Mobile Markets

Monday and Tuesday distributions for this week here but they change every day. They vary by time and location which is cool.

Check our website or Facebook for current dates and locations



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